The developer has not uploaded a game yet...

play with arrows

update - added FBI level, NOTE im having issues with the level so u may have to refresh the page tho

welcome to rhythm! probably the only "normal" rhythm game on scratch
story: the FBI has chosen you as an experimental subject, the only way to get free is following the rules, you are in test chamber #518, follow scratch's rules and you might be set free

Install instructions

first download the project, then go to scratch

no need to sign in


click create 

once the page is done loading, go above the blocks and find where it says "file"

click that

click "load from ur computer"

locate the sb3 file and click open

and there u go, the reason why its inside the project is so u can make mods, then reupload them lol


rhythm (public beta) FBI update.sb3 12 MB


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also the software i use to make the voices was the daniel MLG voice generator thingy